What is Orthopedic Exercise?

This advanced certification is from The American Council on Exercise (“ACE”), one of the premier health and fitness organizations in the world. Their Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certification gives me a unique advantage over other personal trainers: I am trained to work with you as soon as you come out of physical therapy after an injury or after surgery. In some instances, I begin to work with clients while they are still finishing their therapy program. I know many of the physical therapists here in town, and can talk with them regarding any special considerations, or even sit in on a session or two with you.

What if I’m not coming off rehab?

Many of my clients have old or nagging injuries, and have been out of therapy for a long time – or perhaps never even went for physical therapy. In these instances, I help clients adjust their movements to avoid aggravating the injury, or customize their workouts to improve their functional strength and balance. It all comes down to the client’s goals, and to what I see during my continual assessments of their movement.

Is there anyone you won’t work with?

It’s important to note that I don’t work with every person who comes to me. There are various reasons for this: Sometimes a client needs to be referred back to physical therapy, or perhaps a client is not ready physically to begin exercise, and there are times when a client would do better with a regular personal trainer. In one instance, a woman came to me in an attempt to avoid hip replacement surgery. I talked with her for nearly an hour and discussed the entire situation. In the end, I told her I could take her money and work with her, but I wouldn’t be helping her by doing that. She opted for surgery instead and was thrilled with her decision.

How are you different from physical therapy?

As one local PT describes it, “Alicia fine-tunes the client after he is released from physical therapy.” With insurance companies reducing what they’ll pay for physical therapy, clients find themselves being released back into their normal lives without a proper transition from therapy to their normal daily activity. This is where Orthopedic Exercise comes in: I bridge the gap between therapy and the rest of your life.

LifeBridge Wellness
“Thank you for helping me with all of my issues. The way you were able to work with my physical therapist during my ankle rehab while continuing with a weight training regimen was very helpful...”