Wounded Vet Program

Wounded vets receive three free hour-long sessions of personal training or Orthopedic Exercise services. As always, the programs are tailored to your needs and goals. PTSD is a legitimate injury; you don’t need to be physically injured to take part in this program. Amputees are welcome; SARC is wheelchair-friendly.

What you’ll need to provide: Military i.d. (to prove you are a vet), a complete and thorough explanation of your injury, and your driver’s license (to protect the children in our facility, SARC asks to see the driver’s license when someone signs up for a day pass – it’s how you can prove that you are who you say you are, and that you’re not on any local watch lists).

A membership is not required: You can purchase a day pass each time you see me for $8 each day ($5 for folks over 62), but short-term memberships and punch cards are available for purchase if you decide you want to work out at the gym more often.

LifeBridge Wellness
“Alicia is tireless, friendly and helpful. While I met her in a very beaten down, discouraged state, she helped me feel comfortable in the gym and taught me how to work well with my body. I greatly appreciate her assistance and heartily recommend her.”